Covid-19 Mitigation Plan

 Delbert Days Rodeo, Lake Havasu City


The purpose of this process is to identify an individual with a potential communicable health risk. Though preventative measures are being taken to help identify and isolate a person with COVID like symptoms, there will be no on site definitive checking mechanism in place during the event. If a patron is found with a temperature and needs screening be sure to be discreet and reassuring to the patron. 


Screening locations will be located at

Entry to the event
First Aid station on site


Staff screening employees, will screen all patrons for COVID-19 like symptoms to include a temperature over 100.4° F through an oral questionnaire.

Contactless temperature (if temperature reading is requested)

findings must be less than set trigger temperature of 100.4° F

Completion of approved questionnaire 
Reports “no” to all questions in questionnaire

All patrons will be screened by staff. If the patron is found with the temperature over 100.4° F, the patron will be allowed 5 minutes to cool off in an area more than 6 feet away from other patrons entering the facility, preferably without entering the venue. After 5 minutes the patron will be rescanned. If they continue to exhibit a temperature over 100.4° F they will be asked to exit the venue. 


Will be the CDC facility COVID-19 questionnaire.  
First aid station where any patron who becomes ill can check in, be rescreened and isolated from others in the venue. 
Ill patients will have the option of utilizing the Emergency Response System or leaving the venue POV. 
Signage for recommended mask wearing.